Email Attachment Issues

The following was a great question and easily fixed. Basically, it is the difference between HTML attachments and Rich Text.

My friend Bill writes:
Andy, for some reason my attachments are not showing in the heading of my e mails, but are in the body of the e-mail as a square icon. Is there a way to change this so it does not appear in the body of the message but on an attachment line? (I think this may have started when I had our company e-mail tech support fix some problems I was having.)

It's an easy fix.
Open Outlook, click Tools, Options. Click the "Mail Format" tab, and at the top section, "Message Format", I'll bet it says "Rich Text". For some reason techies like Rich Text, but it throws the attachment inside the body of the email. Change that setting to "HTML" and it's solved.

My friend Bill replies:
That did the trick!! At first I couldn't find the "Mail Format" tab, until I realized I was still inside this e-mail. When I exited to the Outlook main page, the selections showed up just as you listed.
Thanks, Bill

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